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In the last few days my reblogs haven’t been showing up on my dashboard, as well as blocking a couple of tumblroos I follow, and I’m fairly certain it deleted a few things I reblogged last night. Is this happening to anybody else?

When I posted my cry for help with my linguistic anthropology class, I got a response from one of my friends and followers, Bren (she’s absolutely lovely by the way, you should follow her) within two minutes. After that, people here on tumblr reblogged it, usually with the words “signal boost!”, asking if their followers who matched the description could help. And it wasn’t just my followers, but strangers who may’ve just seen the tag. 

It’s one of those small and largely remarkable things that makes me so glad that I make my home in this little corner of the internet.

Seriously tumblr, for all our sometimes-insanity, you are a supportive and encouraging community, that when given the option to help someone always take it.  

This is why I’m here.




Tumblr just put up this site warning people about the dangers of PROTECT-IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Read up, kids. This is important.

Your morning homework: Read this letter from AOL, eBay, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Twitter, Yahoo!, & Zynga. Then visit Tumblr’s page and take action.

Some more links which might be useful:


Hey guys, if you use and enjoy Missing E, please go to Twitter and RT this, or add a tweet of your own, linking it to both Missing E and Tumblr.

It’s going away.

Send Tumblr an email, let them know that this is a bad business move. 

Twitter acquired Atebits iPhone app and Tweetdeck. They didn’t shut them out because of the strain on the API, they drew them into the fold. Facebook has done the same thing, to a lesser extent.  Google bought Blogger. These giants draw on third party developers that increase their base. This allows them to draw in new users, make changes to their UI that their team may not have seen and grow.

I don’t know why Tumblr is doing this, especially when it seems Missing E has been trying to accomodate them.

I know Missing E disappearing will really impact how and if I keep using this site. Just today I was bragging that it was my favorite site on the web and the lack of community interaction that Missing E provides will devastate all that I’ve loved about Tumblr lately.

So retweet this tweet, add your own, send Tumblr an email. Do something other than reblog and like posts about it, although all commotion about this is good.

I love you guys. I love our community. Let’s hope Tumblr sees the light and comes around on this. The best networks do, and the ones that die out have a history of not accepting developers. Let’s hope our faith in the amazingness of Tumblr is well-founded.