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We can be heroes, just for one day.

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This was a picture I started before I got a job and then forgot about it.

I found it on monday and decided to finish it. Three things that I find hard to draw are in it: bicycles, kisses and houses. Okay the house doesn’t count, that was easy as it’s basically just the door.

Btw the city I live in now has beautiful houses with really amazing old doors. The door on the illo is one of the simpler ones, most of them are really detailed with faces, figures and plants.

Prints are available here.

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A two-day-old baby Asian elephant gets used to his wobbly legs while exploring his enclosure at Tierpark Berlin zoo. The male elephant calf, who does not have a name yet, weighs 102kg and is 91cm tall Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

*cue high-pitched squeaking noises*


Wissembourg, France

(by Collin Key)


Unlikely animal friendships

From a monkey cuddling a dove to a sheep spending time with an elephant, the book Unlikely Friendships shows the remarkable relationships that can exist between wildly different animals

This is Lilo, being mopey, melty, and checking the windows every other hour for Sarah and V.


Jumping Tape

vector of my random work doodle.

Jumping Tape - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever