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She kept all the photos he took. In crumpled black-paper albums, I saw endless portraits of the men he served with in WWII, the view of the sea from the belly of his plane, every place he was stationed afterwards, and her. Anywhere and everywhere they went together, he was taking pictures of her. His favorite shot.

I never met him. He died thirty years prior to her passing last year. And she, as a tough woman who ran factory floors during the war, then raised three daughters and tried to handle losing him thirty years before she should’ve—well, it wasn’t something that was talked about. 

You just had to see it.

The little house she lived in, the same one they bought sixty years earlier. Every photo he took, neatly arranged. His medals on the wall. The perfectly preserved work bench out in the garage. Stacks and stacks of commendations from every commanding officer he’d served with. His old navy algebra and radio repair books on the shelves. And the pictures of her.

Lovingly taken, always in focus.

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