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I'm a geek, musician, student, writer, reader, and scribbler.

This tumblr is a mad collection of my art, my life, my hopeful-travels, and all of the wonderfully nerdy things therein!

Say hello! I promise, I don't bite, and I enjoy making new friends whenever I can!

(I don't automatically follow back, but I think you're all fantastic!)
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This page is just various places you can find my music on the interwebs. I frequently post songs I’m working on, covers, and full originals here on this tumblr, but as you might guess, they tend to get buried back in my archive. So, take a listen!

Ragged: I released this album in May of ‘12. (Hey look! That was recently!)

In The Dust: this is an EP I released in January of ‘11.

Soundcloud: this is where I frequently upload covers I do, or originals I want to let people listen to/download.

Youtube: this has some videos of me playing new songs I’ve finished or am in the process of writing.

Neither my bandcamp nor my soundcloud has all of the songs that I’ve finished or am working on, but keep watching this space! I’m going always sharing announcements and snippets on my tumblr.