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There is no greater Guardians/Parks & Rec gif mashup than this.

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When people accuse it of being a gimmick I go, why is a movie starring women considered a gimmick and a movie starring men is just a normal movie?
Paul Feig, on the all-female Ghostbusters remake (via julierthanyou)

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We do a lot of singing on set, a lot of dancing. It’s true — it’ll be like, ‘Can you guys stop tap dancing so we can shoot the scene?’


This January, 2015 starts with a trip back to the 50’s, courtesy of writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Rich Ellis. OPERATION S.I.N. follows Peggy Carter and Howard Stark in a globe-trotting adventure into Cold War era Russia trailing an alien artifact that could upset the balance of international relations.

“When we first decided that Peggy would be one of the leads, there was no one else in my mind that would write it as well as Kathryn. To me, she not only has an amazing handle on the character of Peggy Carter—based on her [previous] one-shot—but she also understands the time period and the pressures that Peggy is under when our story begins.”


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“We didn’t have any paints in the house when I was younger, but I would do collage. I would collect advertisements, rip them up, and then paste them together. That was the beginning of it. After that, I did photography, and then painting and sculpting. I began to realise how important it is to express yourself, and not be afraid of making mistakes – as mistakes often make something special and unique.”Lucy Liu

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Halloween Pancake Molds [williams-sonoma]

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Breaking news — VonDerrit Myers Jr. was killed yesterday (10/08) by an OFF-DUTY officer. he was shot #16times.

Video surveillance shows VonDerrit Myers was unarmed.

  1. Read more about VonDerrit Myers here.
  2. Here,
  3. Here,
  4. Here,
  5. And here.

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It’s On Us: 

To RECOGNIZE that non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

To IDENTIFY situations in which sexual assault may occur.

To INTERVENE in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.

To CREATE an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

It’s On Us

Not Alone

hold up

a celebrity filled, gender-neutral, anti-sexual assault PSA?

and this isn’t a BuzzFeed parody?

I think I feel my heart growig three sizes

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  • Needed to get my car’s oil changed.
  • Drive up to garage, get out, see large group of guys standing in a clump, in front of the office, staring at me. Hard.
  • Get back in car.
  • Drive away, promise self to find a different place.