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Harry Potter Quotes | Typographic Posters

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security guards

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Feminist Frequency on race and casting for The Hunger Games

think HARD about that: not only did they white-wash Katniss, they EXPLICITLY PROHIBITED WoC TO AUDITION FOR THE ROLE OF KATNISS. Smells like blatant racism.

Can we focus on that last part? B/c white people will always come up with “well the white actor/actress was just the best one to audtition.” Well, yeah if that’s ONLY who auditioned. 

They’re theory of white actors/actresses being better doesn’t hold up if no one else if given the opportunity to even audition.

What I love about this is how Anita states right off the bat, that this is not about Jennifer Lawrence. This is about something much bigger than her. And she didn’t need to diss her to make the point. She sets hr aside, rolls up her sleeves, and tackles the bullshit head on.

Excellent approach.

I hate Hollywood so fucking much

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The lack of fucks he gives combined with the level of sass he practically sweats is the reason I love Nine more than anything.

Its like I say. 9 is frickin fablous

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reasons i wanna be uhura

  • she’s a genius
  • goes in space
  • speaks a million languages
  • adorable
  • she goes into sPACE
  • takes no shit
  • strong eyeliner game
  • flawless hair/skin/existence
  • adventures in s p a c e
  • goes against klingons with grace like the fearless bamf she is
  • a d V E N T U R E S  I N  S P A C E

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"You dance up on them haters."

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Illustrations by Theo Prins

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